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The First Greeners in America: Designing the Cover

The third book in the James Blakiston Series is called The First Greeners in America. Both of the first two books in the series were set in the north-east of England in the seventeen sixties, and so will be the fourth, but this third book is largely set in the American colonies as the War of Independence approaches. I’ll have more to say as we approach publication date in August but, briefly, in the first book (A Just and Upright Man), Joe Greener fled England for the colonies when he was maliciously and falsely accused of having killed a friend. He took with him his younger half-brother, Miles, because as the son of a day labourer in the changing agricultural economy of England at the time, Miles had very little to look forward to if he stayed where he was. They settle in the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania and make a life there.

I am to graphics what Wayne Rooney is to the violin

Writing the book, of course, is only part of the task – it has to be edited and proofread and a cover must be designed. Since I am to graphics what Wayne Rooney is to the violin, I assigned the overall cover design to one professional and the background picture to another – Nicola Kelsall, a professional artist based in Gloucestershire. This is the rough she has just sent me and I think it’s tremendous.

Rough draft of background for cover of The First Greeners in America

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