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Why I changed the name from Zappa's Mam's a Slapper to The Making of Billy McErlane

Changing a book's name may be a mistake

Sometimes you should listen to other people. And sometimes you shouldn’t. The name Zapper’s Mam’s a Slapper grew out of the book. This is the beginning of Chapter 8: Chapter 8 I chose the name Billy when I was eleven. It was 1999, I’d had eleven years of answering to the one my stupid mother […]

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Announcing the Cindy Williams Mysteries series

The fact you've written six novels doesn't mean you know how to write Number 7

If you’re not a writer, you probably imagine that writing a book becomes easier the more books you’ve written. And I suppose that’s true in a way – but what never becomes any easier is finding the way to write the next book. In the last five years, I’ve completed six novels, and I learned […]

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Book 3 in the James Blakiston Series

Book 3 in the James Blakiston Series is due out in August 2020 – next month. We are now at the closing stages of getting it ready for publication, and one of those final steps is the cover design. And that has created a bit of a challenge. The covers for Books 1 and 2 […]

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The First Greeners in America: Designing the Cover

The third book in the James Blakiston Series is called The First Greeners in America. Both of the first two books in the series were set in the north-east of England in the seventeen sixties, and so will be the fourth, but this third book is largely set in the American colonies as the War […]

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