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God is not who you think

Bore God at your peril

Alex loved Ted Bailey. It got her killed. Now Ted is on trial for his immortal soul, and Alex is counsel for the defence. It doesn’t look good. But Alex knows the rules for entry into Heaven and the prosecutor doesn’t. Alex knows she can’t get Ted in first time round – but she’s going to have a damn good try at winning him a second chance.

“Good people can be so boring. God likes to be entertained.”

St Peter

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Everyone knows who Barabbas is, right? A bandit. A thief. Well, here’s what Alex, returned from the dead to defend her one-time lover, has to say on the subject:

And here is St Peter on the subject of what God wants:

If God made Man in his image, and if Man isn’t the nicest person you ever met, doesn’t that tell us something about God? Want to know more? Darkness Comes will tell you.

Paperback or Kindle – Get it Here

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