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The Cindy Williams Mysteries

Futch Mucking, the village in which these books are set, is a composite of three villages in which I have lived. Anyone who knows this part of north Shropshire is likely to recognise the places I’ve described, but the people and events are entirely a figment of my imagination. They don’t exist. They didn’t happen. Honestly.

Look, I’m a writer – would I lie to you?

I call these books the Cindy Williams Mysteries, but in fact Cindy shares the protagonist role with Emlyn Davies. Williams and Davies – you probably recognise those as Welsh names and the fact is that this place where I live is as much Welsh as it is English and Welsh names are common. The border between the two countries moved from time to time; all three of the villages I have assembled into Futch are in England but the names of two of them are obviously Welsh in origin.

Cindy Williams grew up in Futch, brought up by her Uncle Tomos after her mother encountered a little problem that I haven’t yet decided whether or not to tell you about. She left to join the police and, when that didn’t work out, she retrained as a journalist. She is now back in Futch after the death of her uncle and the collapse of her relationship with Patrick Sousa.

Emlyn Davies was born in Futch and has never lived anywhere else. He’s a good ten years older than Cindy, divorced, and a police constable. Cindy gets drawn into solving mysteries. She does it with her freelance journalist’s hat on, but Emlyn is a neighbour and what more natural than that they should pool their skills and interests?

Where is Daisy Howell?

Where is Daisy Howell? by John Lynch

This, the first book in the series, is scheduled for publication in September 2020. Cindy Williams has just returned home to Futch, where she has inherited her late uncle’s house and his not inconsiderable fortune; he has also bequeathed to her some papers about the unsolved disappearance of Bethany Marsh in the clear hope that she will bring this thirty-year-old mystery to a conclusion. By coincidence, a young Futch resident, Daisy Howell, has also disappeared. Emlyn Davies, as the local policeman, is looking for Daisy without success. Cindy wants to find Daisy, but she also wants to know what happened to Bethany.

And then, just to make things more difficult, Covid-19 breaks out, the country is locked down, and investigation becomes that much more difficult.

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